Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sneak Peak: We're just not intolerant of racists - Milk is on that list, too!

Sorry, y'all. I've been on a hiatus. Things at work picked up but I just got this question from a reader and thought - Ooh.. I can do a few things with this one! So.. hold tight, a blog IS a'comin'... Here's the topic

Q: Okay Dennis, I was looking up songs on youtube, the name of the song was Milk, by Garbage that I was searching for. I started watching videos that were anti-milk, saying how bad it is for people to drink cow's milk. One of the videos, a person commented how the government promotes milk, and get big stars to star in them. They commented how they got Spike Lee to endorse milk in one of the commercials, and in the video, the guy said basically, that 95 percent of blacks are lactose intolerant.....Ive never heard that before.....are you? Or are you in the lucky...or maybe unlucky....5 percent that can drink milk with no problems.