Sunday, December 13, 2009

Um.. Who Reads this Shit Anyway?

I haven't written for this blog in a while - although I have been watching comment after comment be posted about one of my entries about "Why are Black People So Loud?". It's now gotten to the point where I feel like writing and giving some thought to the comments that the entry received.

There were a couple of comments that appeared today. One comment that talked about paving the road back to Africa kinda took me be surprised - I mean, really?? Yup, it's still 2009, 21st Century.

Another comment mentioned me calling the "Asker" a fool. Well, I actually know the guy that asked the question and it's all about taking on the personality of being a "loud black man" from the 70's. Think Fred Sanford from Sanford & Son. LOL That's who I was channeling my humor from. He was one of the friends that helped me come up with the concept.

The concept of this blog lies in humor. It's that simple. I appreciate all comments (the good, bad, offensive, etc) because it definitely allows your point of view be out there - even if you're posting anonymously and angrily. I've read each one. It's been pretty interesting what people choose to pull from a satirical blog. I've also seen the number of visitors sky rocket. I mean.. Wow.. Thanks! That's got me wanting to blog some more. I just need more topics. I definitely have the viewership. Those Anonymous folks always tend to have the most "eloquent" and "wholesome" responses, too. :0)

I never intended this blog to bring anger. My only intention was to make people laugh. A lot of people have laughed at this topic and others. There was some point where the laughs ended and people stopped reading the entire entry and began to feed off comments or what others have forwarded on to them. That's unfortunate. I guess if I were doing stand up, this entry would have been taking differently. HA HA!

I have considered removing the entry. It's not one of my funniest (clearly!). I think the Bobby Brown/Whitney Houston one is pretty damn good. So if the one about weaves. However, I won't remove the entry because I stand by the idea that it's all about humor, sarcasm and irony.

Why is it the black people can be loud? Well because WE ALL can. Meaning that like anyone else in the United States - it's part of that whole freedom of speech thing. If you want to yell - yeah.. some people might look at you crazy - but you can do it! None of these stereotypes written about in the "Loud" entry truly belong to anyone specific group. All types of people can, at times, be appropriately AND inappropriately loud.

One thing these blog comments has reminded me of is that people can take away whatever they choose from a writing, speech, etc. No matter your intention, it's often interpreted differently. Even if I made the entry even more over the top than I thought it was - someone would think I really believed all the stuff I'm writing.

Oh well... I guess with the description of the blog being at the top and on the side must have been overlooked. HA HA!


Leyla said...

You know what? I was on Google, and just messing around boredly, typing in "Why are bumble bees striped" LOL Don't even ask. But anyhow, so I type in "Why are b" and the first suggestion that came up on Google was, "Why are black people so loud". Well, I'm not black, first of all. Pretty much all of my friends are black, but I'm not. I'm middle-eastern. Anyway, my whole life, I have always looked up to certain black people as the spokespeople, the leaders, for other minorities, because historically black people have been the most VOCAL, militant and strong people when it came to American Civil Rights and justice. So seeing that to be the first thing that came up on Google, it pretty much pissed me off. But then, I came across your blog and, yes, I did realize it was humor. But I didn't agree, even though it was just supposed to be funny. I kind of thought it to be a little irresponsible, knowing that there are so many racist people out there that will take it seriously. lol, but then I realized that that's not fair. You can say what the fuck you want, funny or serious. Fuck that. And fuck anyone who doesn't get it, even if that includes me. But, anyhow. I came here to say this: WHAT DO PEOPLE MEAN BLACK PEOPLE ARE LOUD!?!?!?!?! FIRST OF ALL: Have any of you ever been to a Chinese restaurant? I used to work at one, and I was constantly having to tell the waitresses to STOP YELLING AT ME. And they would constantly say, "We apologize! This is just how we talk!" Chinese people can be LOOOOOOOUUUUD. BLACK people are LOUD? What black people? I don't get it. Old people act like old people, and young people act like young people. And ALL young people are loud. Maybe black people just accumulate in groups more than others, which might make them SEEM louder than just two white people sitting down somewhere. But ALL young people are loud. And of course you want to smack them. But just because they are under 18 and squealing about Soulja Boy and the Jonas Brothers, respectively. The thing I NEVER understood about Americans is ... why is everything a racial topic? EVERYTHING has a racial undertone. I wish people could see more of the world, to know that Americans have the biggest complex about it, and it doesn't have to be like that. Anyway, to answer your question, who reads this? Well. People on google who want to know why black folks are so loud are reading it. I am reading it. You are reading it. It doesn't matter who reads it. Just don't stop writing it.

Jennifer said...

Keep writing. I came across your blog in a similar way, and was appalled to find that query as number one in the list when I typed in "why are". Since it does seem appropriate in this context to qualify myself, I am a white female with as a matter of coincidence, very few black friends at this time in my life. I applaud you for taking on these stereotypes in the context of humor, and I think it's absolutely necessary in the struggle to break down the racial barriers that are still sadly SO large in the US. But even more than that, I applaud you for having the guts to post the ignorant and racist comments too. Don't dismiss the significance of your writings by focusing on the humor...while definitely humorous, they address very important ideas and you are not only funny, but both intelligent and courageous in your commentary.