Friday, February 26, 2010

Do White People Make Me Angry?

Q. It sounds like white people make you angwy. Would you wike a huwg??

A. Naw, not really.  I only get annoyed from time to time. But hey, some of my best friends are white people so I'm not ever really angry. I do hug those white people - but I never hug a stranger (no offense). And I definitely never hug a stranger who talks in baby talk. Those folks are very suspicious. I don't want to be on the next Amber Alert.  Seriously, you just never know if they're trying to pick pocket you like the Artful Dodger in that movie, "Oliver!" or something.  But once I'm confident in having you as a friend,  I'll gladly sing the "Consider Yourself" song from the movie.   


Anonymous said...

i think this site is tight

Anonymous said...

"Some of my friends are white people" -- I guess this works from you for some reason?