Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Bunch of Foolishness and Mayhem!

What in the hell is the world coming to? I just don't get it. My people.. My people... take a moment and pause. Then take another 5 minutes or so and look at these images. They are REAL images (unfortunately). I'm sure there's a Shaniqua Murphy, Champagne Alize Jones or a La Camina Smith (the feminizing of the automobile in which she was conceived).

Just because I'm black doesn't mean I know people like this.. okay wait.. I have come across people like this in my life. In high school, the poor man's hair color - Kool-Aid and Peroxide. And I knew a girl who would wear the sluttiest clothes - but her tits weren't hangin' out back then.. but I wouldn't doubt that they have never hung out since then... it HAS been 16 years since I graduated high school. Besides all of that.. MY MOMMA AND DADDY RAISED ME WITH SOME SENSE!!!

With ALL of that said.. let's take a look at these images, courtesy of the blog "You Know You Dead Azz Wrong" The Commentary belongs to the author of that site as well!

This bytch tiddays and nipples tucked in her belt! They are the entire length of her muhfug torso!! Somebody get me a crash cart cuz them shyts need resurrecting in Jesus’ name. Clearrrrrr!!! **sidenote** nevermind the money pinned to her dayum shirt…she know she cleaned out her bank account at the atm getting all them fresh 20s…she not fooling me **end sidenote** I see how Texas do. *blank effin stare*

This is why I check “other” on job applications. The state of the black woman is pure shyt. Look at “3 the hard way” hamming it up for the cam. Then the bytch with her brush at the bottom. I seriously can not.

Beezy here! I was in Miami for Memorial Day Weekend this year and while there was much fuckery to be seen, I saw this little gem of coonery up close and personal at a party. I thank God that someone took a pic so that I had proof of what happens when you don’t own a mirror and have no friends.

This is what happens when you don’t get enough oxygen to yo brain. Look at the hairy balls and the one drip of jizz. Girl, you so innovative! *blank stare* I hate everything she stands for. Seriously!

Be sure to check out You Know You Dead Azz Wrong for more ridiculousness. These right here are only my personal "Favorites". Shout out to LaMar for sending me this link!

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brittany said...

hahhaha omg i cant believe that i swear now i can see why black people have a bad reputation because of foolish stuff like this!!