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An Open Letter to the Browns

Well... time certainly got away from me and I was unable to complete this week's entry. To provide everyone with humor during the close of this week, I have posted a blog I wrote September 15, 2006, about the break up of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. In the interim, I will be restructuring the blog (a few tweaks here and there). I hope you enjoy this CLASSIC entry!


Picture it - a hip, young black kid in Inkster, Michigan... watching history unfold as the union of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown takes place on an episode of Entertainment Tonight in the summer of 1992.

The happy couple had a ton of hit songs - Whitney had tons of awards and on top of the world. Bobby was ecstatic because he was out of the boy band (New Edition) and making his own hit music. You have to admit, "On Our Own" from the Ghostbusters II Soundtrack was the SHIT!

Before I go any further - I must set the mood.

"Where do broken hearts go.. can they find their way home?"

I'm not sure.. but in this case.. i hope that heart is Whitney's and I hope she finds her way back to her family and friends that helped to make her a superstar.

The following is an open letter to the Browns.

September 14, 2006

Whitney - I hope you know that we "Still care" for you. At least I do. You were my GIRL! From the day I heard "You Give Good Love", to your wild ass hair in "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who loves me)"... all the way to the Bodygaurd Soundtrack because you were my "Queen of the Night". Hell, I even stood by your side with those crazy collaborations with Bobby... Then there was the "Heartbreak Hotel" and you found a fanatical fanbase with the gays and your Thunderpuss remixes - FAAAAAAAB-U-LOUS!

Bobby - my boy Bobby... you had us "Every Little Step" of the way. It was your "Perrogative" to dance on that stage, reenacting sexual things - getting arrested. When you found your "Tenderoni" in Whitney.. we ALL had hope. If you could get a good lookin' woman like Whitney.. we knew we were bound to find us a "Whitney" too. Don't get it twisted though... we ALL thought it was the weirdest combo! I had bets on your marriage lasting 2 years tops.

When y'all got married and I saw you dancing together on Entertainment Tonight, I thought to myself, "Damn, what's that thing on Whitney's head? That ain't cute". Then I thought, oh.. they "look" happy, but I bet Whitney is still messing with Robin, her assistant. I really thought it was a cover up and she was truly a lesbian. All bets were off when Bobbi Kristina came into the world a mere 9 months after the wedding.

Whitney, year after year I waited in anticipation of your divorce. I was mystified every year. Even dumbfounded to see that you two seemed happy. But, when I saw you on TV, fresh out of jail and your "Boo" was waiting for you outside the jail gates. I was touched. When she jumped up and wrapped her legs around you and was yellin' and cryin'.. I was like.. Now that is LOVE - CRAZY AS A MUTHA -BEEEEEP LOVE! This was NOT the Whitney I grew up listening to. This is not the one who "Believed that children were our future". This is not the one whose voice soared as she sang the "Star Spangled Banner" and made a country weep. This was some hoochie from "around the way from Bey-Bey and 'em" who "just happened" to look like Whitney... Say it ain't so!

Years later - I found y'all still married. Seemingly happy, but with a few problems here and there. I mean, Whitney.. what's up with all that sweatin' on stage? You ain't EVER sweat like that before! I saw you on award shows - lookin' like Jack Skellington - and talkin' like that crazy man on the corner of Flamingo and Maryland Parkway... nothin' but jibberish coming out of your mouth. I wanted you to have it together.. and you were just falling apart.

Bobby, after your CD, "Bobby" came out. I supported it. I was a broke college freshman.. but I bought it.. You had us "Humpin' Around".. and I'm sure you had yourself humpin' around too.. but we won't go there. That song "Good Enough" was nice too. In fact, I might have to download that. Yeah, I traded your CD in a long while back... it's out of print isn't it? Because you know me... I'm working a good job now.. i can afford it.

Y'all were the most GHETTO fabulous couple... I stress GHETTO because y'all took the cake... I guess Bobby's family stressed the HOOD part when you entered motherHOOD, huh Whitney? It seems like you just got straight hood on your fans after the birth of Bobbi Kristina. Maybe your hormones fucked you up. Or the cocaine and weed - because we ALL know "Crack is whack".

Now, it's 14 years later - and you're wondering "Didn't We Almost Have it All"? Yeah, you almost did - except your husband couldn't get another hit and delved into drugs. And in true partnership - you couldn't let him do it alone.. now could you? You had to make sure he had the good shit!.. Puff Puff pass mutha......

I've watched both of y'all go into rehab. On several ocassions. I've watched y'all go to Israel for "cleansing". Bobby, you had so many visits with the police that I thought you were in the academy or in the very least, a baliff! I'm sure you knew a couple of them on a first name basis. As for you Whitney.. you being involved a drug issue? You really MUST have been high trying to get on a plane with weed in your purse.

Remember saying this to Diane Sawyer? Of course you don't.. so let me tell you what you said.

"My business is sex, drugs, rock n roll, Whitney explains to Diane Sawyer in a blockbuster interview on ABCs Primetime Live. I dont like to think of myself as addicted, she says. I like to think...I had a bad habit, which can be broken."

I hope that the habits are broken.

Having said all of this, I do wish you two the best. You've had so many ups and downs and i'm glad to see that you, whitney, have decided to get off that rollercoaster. I hope it's time to get right! I hope it's time for Whitney to reclaim her throne! I hope it's time for Whitney to be Whitney and not that other persona we've seen for the last 12 years! I hope it's time that you begin to listen to your mentor, Clive Davis, again. He's the one that got you your start and helped you to skyrocket. I am estatic that you've taken a stand in your relationship. I have to tell you, as addictive as it was to watchong "Being Bobby Brown" - it was also painful. You were one of the classiest young, black women out there... and you down-graded yourself many, many levels. There was a time when Whitney was on TV, the house would get quiet to watch you perform - we all knew you weren't the best dancer... but DAMN.. your voice was phenomenal! Crystal clear and resonating. It would send chills through your body. Now, we can't even get a solid note without some sort of wackiness.

Whitney, I hope that you find peace and that love surrounds you.

Bobby, I hope that you find personal growth through this experience and learn from your mistakes. If those lessons take a few years, it's okay.. it's all about the process of getting there. You'll never recapture an audience - but you'll forever remain in our fondest memories when we think of "The Gumby", Ghostbusters, and R&B singers who "try" to rap - because while you aren't the "King of R&B" - you certianly helped begin that trend on that Babyface song! Be strong!

Stay strong Browns. This is for the best.

"Love Will Save the Day",


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